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Something Like Flying.

Three films directed by Deborah Stratman
Peripheral Produce DVD

This collection of Stratman’s first feature, KINGS OF THE SKY (2004) and two of her shorts, FROM HETTY TO NANCY (1997) and IN ORDER NOT TO BE HERE (2002) is stunning in both imagery and context. While the shorts have incredible 16mm landscape photography exploring Iceland and isolation (HETTY) and suburbia and isolation (ORDER), the feature is a personal journey with a troupe of acrobats across China, shot in gritty handheld video. This range hints at Stratman’s versatility, always with a dose of humanity. It’s like watching captivating travelogues -- with social relevance rather than selling a road trip. Although you do want to take one after viewing these…. Read the new Cinemad interview with Stratman this month.