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Where To Show Your Film

I made a
a) film
b) video
c) installation
d) curated a strange series of shorts

and because its an unusual project, I

x) can't get a distributor
y) have no illusions about what it is
z) want to do it myself

Cinemad list of theaters

This map is at a early stage, I'm adding to it every day. But the concept is simple - these are theaters or galleries or warehouses - screening rooms in one way or another, that tend to work with individuals. They also seem to have good taste. So find the ones that work for your project and contact them for a show. Good to have your own website for the project to direct them to.

And if you are a screening location, let me know - filmplante at g mail

Anything goes - I've projected against moving trains and will be booking a film on tour to maritime museums this fall.

AND - distributors with unique films out there - here are some places you should know about.