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The Vice Guide to Travel.

If your vacations center around finding living dinosaurs in Africa, guns in Pakistan, or hunting mutant animals in Chernobyl , I have the guide for you, whackjob.

Vice is starting a series of DVDs of short docs (5-10 min each) with a theme to each collection. Vice is a magazine and website ( devoted to a nice mix of gonzo journalism and funny rants that is able to say more in a paragraph of brutally honest writing than a newspaper could fit into a safe, libel-evasive feature story. Reporting with an opinion, I suppose. Like a friend in the mini-mart telling you about how trannies used to run the motel down the street, and how it was kinda cool.

Their guide to travel is not about real tourism but chasing down urban legends and internet rumors, mixing in some politics when called for. The Sons of Hunter S. Thompson present Frontline. They heard someone in Bulgaria will sell you a warhead no matter who you are, so they went and interviewed him. They heard about a dinosaur in the Congo, so they went there. They heard about leftover Aryans in Paraguay, so they sent a black guy there to find them. And more crazy places, plus extras.

While I was expecting more Jackass quality, THE VICE GUIDE TO TRAVEL is actually a lot more deep. Solid production quality and actual journalism, having fun discovering a new world and giving a face to simple headlines. Plenty of style to make you interested and also laugh. Earth is a fucking strange, scary place.

Each DVD comes in a probably-awesome 72-page full-color hardcover book. But they only sent me the DVD. wtf.