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podcast #6: The Zellner Brothers

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Cinemad: The Zellner Brothers by Cinemad

From their homes in Austin, TX, David and Nathan Zellner have been making weird and funny films since the 1990s. Their first two features PLASTIC UTOPIA and FRONTIER were extremely under the radar, even for film festivals. Then they went on a long run of making entertaining shorts starting around 2002, finding a cult comedy fan base. After playing Sundance every year since with shorts and their feature GOLIATH, they will be premièring their new feature KID-THING there next January. We talk about the glory of making a film on VHS in-camera, being featured extras in SALO, working with chickens, cats and sharks, and how they got back to their roots with SASQUATCH BIRTH JOURNAL 2.

“Rawhide” by The Dead Kennedys
“Aguirre I” by Popul Vuh

photo: Nathan and David at the Cinemad podcast test site.

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