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Essential Shelf #2

Pleeease - someone put this book back into print. A quick internet search does bring up lots of copies, but the classic book now 17-years-old falls apart easily. There is a certain love for that favorite copy on the shelf with pages taped up or shoved into the front, out of order. Its not important any more that the page numbers line up, only that you don't lose any of them.

In the middle of the night when you wake up with all confidence lost, you can still run to the shelf and grab this film bible and instill your sad creative existence with fuel.

The twin Kuchar Brothers were John Waters' first inspiration - he adds a great intro. From there on in this amazing book from George and Mike makes you laugh and cry whether you know their films or just their names from an art school bathroom wall. Part life story, part filmmaking lesson, all excitement.

And if you do know their films, just imagine getting to kick back and listen to them talk for hours. They are genius without being pretentious. 

Mike sums up filmmaking thus: