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podcast #23: Jennifer Reeder

Longtime artist and filmmaker Jennifer Reeder is originally from Ohio and puts much of that midwest town essence into her characters and themes in art, installations and films. 

Now living and working in Chicago for decades, two of her most recent shorts take nuanced looks into teen life that are very stylized but have an incredible honest feel anyway. The two are playing film festivals everywhere - A MILLION MILES AWAY won awards at Ann Arbor, Chicago Underground and Oberhausen and just played at Sundance. Her newer short BLOOD BELOW THE SKIN just premiered at Berlin.Reeder also just received a Creative Capital grant for a feature script called AS WITH KNIVES AND SKIN. Another thing Reeder has is amazing film titles.

Cinemad podcasts are available on, SoundCloud and on the iTunes. 

A MILLION MILES AWAY - teaser from Jennifer Reeder on Vimeo.

SAMPLE CLIP - A MILLION MILES AWAY 3 min clip of 28 min TRT. from Jennifer Reeder on Vimeo.