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podcast #26: Brakhage and Reggio Talk to Students

Stan Brakhage and Godfrey Reggio Talk to High School Students:

I found an old cassette tape of an interview I made for the print issue Cinemad #2. Avant masters Stan Brakhage and Godfrey Reggio met for the first time at the Telluride Film Festival in 1999 while speaking with high school students attending the fest. I was working there as a projectionist and asked Brakhage for an interview, he suggested I sit in and record this. I turned it into an article but its more interesting as a rediscovered time capsule. Brakhage showed three brand new hand-painted shorts (part of his Persian Series) and Reggio had some of his film clips show with a Phillip Glass tribute. Both were yearly attendees with regular fans, but the kids did not know their work - making for an even better discussion, exploring what their films are and their thoughts on the world at large. The sound quality is ok but raw from the cassette. If you are a static addict, this will sound beautiful. The students asked the questions. Reggio's voice is lower. Stan's is higher pitched and he speaks first.

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Photo by Mike Plante. Telluride, 1999.