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podcast #20: Anna Karina

This is a quick podcast, highlights from a panel discussion I led at the Off Camera Film Festival in Krakow in 2009, where Anna Karina was showing a selection of her films she made with Godard and a few films she directed. If you don't know her, she made some of the best films of the 1960s with Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Paul Belmondo and other great French cinema icons. The films not only hold up today as fresh and inspirational with old school genre stories (love, crime, life) reinvigorated with an exciting, unexpected style. But you realize how much of modern independent cinema has learned/borrowed/stolen from the group, particularly the power of Anna onscreen.

In this recording the fest made, one part of my intro is left out where it took me a second to get a hold of the fact that we were hanging out with Karina.

"OK - we are going to try to ask questions without stuttering..."
Anna laughs: "Oh come on..."
"But Anna Karina - you are Anna Karina."
Anna: "We are all just people here!"
I stopped dorking out after that.

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photo by Hejer Charf

Cafe scene from Vivre sa Vie (1962)
Dance scene from Bande à Part (1964)